Announcement: Typelevel Summits coming up in 2016

by Lars Hupel on Dec 11, 2015


We have a big announcement to make. In 2016, there will be not just one, but two Typelevel Summits. Also, we’ve updated our website to include an up-to-date list of Typelevel projects. There’s been much work behind the scenes which we will talk about in a later post, so stay tuned! But first, here are some details about the Summits.

Typelevel Summit US

The first Typelevel Summit will be co-located with the Northeast Scala Symposium in Philadelphia. As Brian Clapper already announced on Twitter, NE Scala is going to happen on 4th and 5th of March with one day of recorded talks and one day of unconference. Just today, we finalized the booking of the venue and are happy to report that the Typelevel Summit will have the same format and take place on 2nd and 3rd of March at the same venue (The Hub’s Cira Centre, next to 30th Street Station).

Typelevel Summit Europe

The second Typelevel Summit will be co-located with flatMap(Oslo). We will meet on the 4th of May after the conference at the same venue (Teknologihuset). More details are to be announced!

Call for Speakers, Attendance, & FAQs

The planning phase is in full swing and we’ll announce more details soon. Attendance will probably be limited to about 100. We’re also looking for sponsors to help pay for the venue and cover other expenses. And we’re also starting a diversity fund to support people from underrepresented groups, and to mentor new speakers. If you want to contribute or have any other questions, please contact us via

The Summits are open to all, not just current contributors to and users of the Typelevel projects, and we are especially keen to encourage participation from people who are new to them. Whilst many of the Typelevel projects use somewhat “advanced” Scala, they are a lot more approachable than many people think, and a major part of Typelevel’s mission is to make the ideas they embody much more widely accessible. So, if you’re interested in types and pure functional programming, want to make those ideas commonplace and are willing to abide by the Typelevel code of conduct, then the Summits are for you and we’d love to see you there.