The Typelevel Summit in Boulder is Cancelled

by Typelevel on Mar 24, 2016


As a result of LambdaConf’s decision to invite Curtis Yarvin as a speaker, the organizers of the Typelevel Summit Boulder have decided that affiliation with LambdaConf is no longer compatible with Typelevel’s goals, and we are cancelling the event, which was scheduled to happen on the Wednesday before the conference.

Yarvin is an unapologetic proponent of bigotry. As a result of his modest celebrity in this regard, it is not possible for his views to be “left at the door.” By extending a speaking invitation, LambdaConf places him in a position of prestige and tacit endorsement that Typelevel cannot accept.

We recognize LambdaConf’s goal of “harmony in diversity” and applaud them for sharing their deliberations, but respectfully disagree with the outcome.