Typelevel representative at the Scala Center Advisory Board

by Lars Hupel on Oct 18, 2016


It is our pleasure to announce that the Scala Center Advisory Board has invited us to nominate a member of the Typelevel community to serve as a community representative, alongside Bill Venners. To figure out whether or not we should accept this offer and who we pick we have held an open discussion on GitHub, resulting in my nomination, which I happily accept. Thanks everyone for their trust! The corresponding Scala Center announcement can be found here.

On a more personal note: Some years ago, when I initially registered the typelevel.org domain, I could have never anticipated the large community which has gathered around typeful functional programming in Scala. The offer from the Scala Center to nominate a representative is an acknowledgement, and also a positive signal for community outreach. So, naturally, I’m very excited about what lies ahead. Keep rocking!

What follows is a summary of the process.

Scala Center Advisory Board

To quote Jon Pretty:

The Advisory Board is a separate body from the Scala Center, much as many governments have separate legislative and executive branches: the Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Scala Center on the work we should do, but it’s the Scala Center’s job to execute those recommendations.

It currently has seven voting members: representatives from each of our six sponsors, plus Bill Venners, the community representative. Additionally the Executive Director of the Scala Center, Heather Miller, sits on the board to report on the Scala Center’s activities, and provide advice on the feasibility of the proposals under consideration, and Martin Odersky is the technical advisor to the board.

More details, including minutes and bylaws, can be found on their website.


To make the nomination as transparently as possible, I opened an issue shortly after Jon mailed me about the opening. The discussion period ended on October 12th. All nominees endorsed me, so no vote was necessary.


As indicated in the discussion about the nomination, we have established that the term length will be one year and after that, we will have another vote. I hope this measure will improve community participation.