Typelevel Sustainability Program Announcement

We are excited to announce the Typelevel sustainability program. The ultimate goal for this program is to provide ways for the user community to ensure the long-term sustainability of the development and maintenance of some Typelevel libraries. Currently, these libraries are maintained in their contributors’ spare time. This arrangement has worked so far but we want to firmly secure their long term sustainability with an institution dedicated to supporting the maintenance of these mission critical libraries.

Based on our Cats ecosystem community survey, roughly 70% of the users will gain more confidence in the future of the ecosystem if there are compensated maintainers. We believe that our pure FP Scala ecosystem should have an institution supporting it, somewhat like the Scala Center supporting the language, and Lightbend supporting language as well as ecosystem libs.

There are also some concerns, 3% of users suggested paid maintainers will reduce their confidence, the remainder are not sure one way or another. Given these numbers, we believe that the gain of confidence will outweigh the concerns especially if we design our paid maintainership program with deliberations to address them. The worries we received fall into four categories:

We believe we can mitigate these concerns by adopting the following principles:

For more details, including goals and responsibilities for maintainers, funding sources, please go to the program’s main document.

Today we are launching the program with the help of several founding sponsors.

Thanks to their generosity we are on an excellent start for the sustainability program. However, to successfully support the long term sustainability for our ecosystem, we need every bit of help we can get. For 2019, we have the following initiatives that require a significant investment of maintainer time.

Our initial fundraising goal is $150,000. Among other things, achieving this goal will allow us to have a dedicated half-time (20 hr/week) maintainer for at least 2019. Why half time? We want to start with a committed maintainer to bring some certainties for our projects, and yet we are not sure how much support we will be getting from the community. Hence a half-time maintainer for the year is a minimum viable solution for the program.

Please consider talking to your employer about supporting the OSS libraries they are using. Any amount, either $5 per month from a one-person start-up or $5000 per month from a billion dollar corporation, will bring us closer to our goal.

Aside from monetary assistance, your company can also support us by:

For individual developers, another way to support us monetarily is to help our fundraising effort by:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Our contact address is Thank you for reading this and considering supporting us.



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