Typelevel Switches to the Scala Code of Conduct

by Typelevel on May 01, 2019


Typelevel is pleased to announce that we are retiring the Typelevel Code of Conduct in favour of the Scala Code of Conduct. Many of the major projects under the Typelevel umbrella have already made the switch and we will be asking new projects that join Typelevel to adopt the new code.

The Scala Code of Conduct was developed by the Scala Center with input from Typelevel and Lightbend, and improves on Typelevel’s original in several ways. It can be thought of as the “Typelevel code of conduct 2.0”. We endorsed it from the outset and have decided that now the time is right to simplify things and move to the new code wholesale.

A shared code of conduct means a shared standard of good behaviour. Having a single code smooths the path for participants moving between different organizations, projects, and events in the Scala ecosystem.

The Scala Code of Conduct is supported by key Scala organizations and events, both community and commercial: the Scala Center, Lightbend, ScalaBridge, Scala Days amongst many others. And now Typelevel and the Typelevel Summits.

We’d love you to join us.