Community Safety

by Typelevel on Apr 27, 2021


Effective today, Jon Pretty is barred from participating in Typelevel projects and events. We make this decision based on well-substantiated reports of predatory behavior at Scala conferences, including conferences at which Typelevel Summits were co-located.

All conference organizers aspire to create safe spaces for attendees, and succeed to varying degrees. Our efforts have been insufficient. We pledge to review our process and practices for event safety, and will provide details on concrete actions in this space before the next Typelevel Summit is held.

The Typelevel Steering Committee:

  • Alexandru Nedelcu
  • Christopher Davenport
  • Daniel Spiewak
  • Kailuo Wang
  • Lars Hupel
  • Luka Jacobowitz
  • Michael Pilquist
  • Miles Sabin
  • Rob Norris
  • Ross A. Baker