Discord Migration

by Typelevel on May 05, 2021


Hello Community!

We have a new Typelevel discord server.

There is a large and growing community of Scala developers on Discord.

Gitter has struggled as a platform for Typelevel for many reasons. We have received feedback that the platform is hard to approach, and that the sense of community is fractured by being in separate rooms, and difficult for beginners since you have to know where to get started. Additionally, mobile support has completely deteriorated throughout the years. The only users who remain satisfied unconditionally are perhaps those who are using bridges.

Discord is a modern platform with solid support across all devices, has best-in-class moderation tools both personally and administratively, and builds the Typelevel community as a whole rather than per repo silos. It additionally can support new types of engagement like pairing, voice chat, presentations, and casting. We hope Discord will help allow us to build even better spaces.

Discord has some disadvantages compared to Gitter: it’s not indexed by Google, and you must have an account to read. We hope the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and we also hope that other tools like Github Discussions and FAQ’s/project docs can be a home for permanent documentation.

We encourage Typelevel projects to create channels there and to give it a try for a few months and see how it goes.

We hope you’ll join us over on the new Discord - https://discord.gg/dXWPjcKv2A