On Recent Events

by Typelevel on Nov 15, 2021


Open source developers are free to choose the projects they contribute to and the communities they support. Martin Odersky’s recent objection to an exercise of this freedom threw the community into turmoil. We believe that those who questioned his intervention and spoke out were justified in doing so. Regardless, we encourage everyone to consider the tone and weight of their words before hitting “send”.

We stand with those who feel excluded by the notion of politics being somehow optional, a notion we disagree with. Typelevel was founded with a mission to provide an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment, and we remain committed to that goal. We believe that human rights cannot be dismissed as mere “politics”.

The Scala Center, which has a long and celebrated history of success in education and technical improvement to the tooling we use daily, has repeatedly been expected to take on a community management role beyond its chartered goals, for which it is ill-equipped and underfunded. We acknowledge the challenges they face and we support the Scala Community Management and Governance strategy under consideration as a promising way forward.

Typelevel has functioned with a not-very-formal governance structure of volunteers for some time. This group is known as the Typelevel Steering Committee. In the coming weeks we will formalize how leadership is selected and what the roles and responsibilities are.

The Typelevel Steering Committee:

  • Ross A. Baker
  • Oscar Boykin
  • Christopher Davenport
  • Luka Jacobowitz
  • Alexandru Nedelcu
  • Rob Norris
  • Michael Pilquist
  • Miles Sabin
  • Daniel Spiewak
  • Kailuo Wang