Call for Steering Committee Members

by Typelevel on Apr 01, 2022


The Typelevel Steering Committee is opening a call for new members as we continue to build a more transparent and sustainable community.

In 2021, co-founders Lars Hupel and Miles Sabin stepped down from leadership. We are all grateful for what they created and their several years of service. What remains is a generation of leadership that has not expanded in a few years. Retirements and additions alike are healthy, balancing institutional memory with fresh energy. It is again a time for renewal.

Historically, leadership has invited prominent technical contributors to join them. This results in homogenous talent, experience, and identity. Our hope is that this open call for leaders will be heard by a more well-rounded and diverse set of candidates to realize Typelevel’s mission.


Typelevel is an association of projects and individuals united to foster an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment around functional programming in Scala.


  • Together, we are coders, organizers, writers, educators, publicists, moderators, recruiters, academics, and strategists. You aren’t all of these, but you think you can add something that’s scarce.

  • Membership is not a heavy burden, but neither is it an honorific. You will participate in governance discussions, and are excited to reimagine the way we run.

  • The current charter defines no fixed term. You’ll try to leave it better than you found it and when you’re ready, hand the baton to someone who will do the same.


Send an e-mail to to put yourself forward for consideration, optionally with a brief case why you wish to serve. The e-mail is visible only to the committee membership. We will thoughtfully consider all serious applications and be discreet in our deliberation. Accepted candidacies will be public, but we will not disclose the identity of anyone else. We hope to hear from some who surprise us, or even yet had the pleasure of meeting. We are not looking for third-party nominations, but if there’s someone you’d like to see, encourage them to apply!

The charter does not prescribe a committee size, but we hope to welcome two to six new members this cycle, and consider more as ambitions and capacity warrant.