New Website Layout Launched

by Typelevel on Sep 06, 2022


In August, you may have noticed that has a new layout! We are grateful to our old friends at 47 Degrees for their generously donated time and effort in planning, designing, and implementing this long-needed revamp. Our deepest thanks to the following individuals from 47 Degrees for working with our Steering Committee on a proposal: Israel “Isra” Pérez, Jetro Cabau Quirós, Maureen Elsberry, Benjy Montoya, and Raúl Raja Martínez.

Special thanks again to Isra for the months-long development work in Jekyll, our own Ross Baker for safely resolving countless merge conflicts, our own Jasna Rodulfa-Blemberg for bravely pushing the final merge to our main development branch, and all Steering Committee members for working with Isra and Raul in identifying follow-up improvements.

Some issues have already been filed against this new layout, and we thank our community for taking the time to let us know. If you find any other issues or have ideas to improve the layout, please do not hesitate to open up an issue in our github issues section. You can also always start up a conversation in our Discord server.