Typelevel Summer of Code

by Arman Bilge on Feb 23, 2023


We are happy to announce that Typelevel will be participating in Google Summer of Code 2023, under the auspice of the Scala Center! If you are a student, this is a wonderful opportunity to spend your summer working on Scala open source projects with mentorship from Typelevel maintainers, while earning a stipend.

We are proposing the following three projects:

Each of these projects is an important enhancement for the Typelevel ecosystem. Taken together, they are a major milestone towards offering a full-featured stack for developing services and deploying on high-performance runtimes available for JVM, Node.js, and Native.

Moreover, we are excited to welcome you to the Typelevel community and we hope that this program will be only the beginning of your open source journey. Applications open on March 20! Until then, please feel free to reach out or join us on Discord; we look forward to getting to know you :)