Typelevel Governance Update

by Typelevel on Nov 03, 2023


This week the Steering Committee updated the Typelevel Charter. The updates are minimal and intended to clarify the role of Chair. First, the role has been renamed to Secretary. We believe that this renaming is more aligned with the function of the role, as it is not intended to be a leadership position, but is instead responsible for the administrative running of the committee (notably, calling votes). We have also opted to convert the role to a rotating position, with a term of 12 months so that this administrative work is shared across the committee. For those who are particularly interested, here is the pull request and associated discussion of the changes.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Ross Baker for his work as Chair of the Typelevel Steering Committee these last years. For the first rotation, Andrew Valencik has volunteered to take on the mantle of calling votes and determining quorum. Thank you Andrew, we look forward to voting when you ask us to!