New Code of Conduct

by Typelevel on Mar 11, 2024


We have recently adopted a new Code of Conduct and Enforcement Policy. This change was approved by the Steering committee after a 1 month discussion and voting period. Thank you to everyone who engaged!

The scope of the Typelevel Code of Conduct and Enforcement Policy encompasses both organization and affiliate projects (as described in the Typelevel Charter). While the Typelevel Charter has always specified that affiliate projects must adhere to the Typelevel organization policies, including the Code of Conduct, this has not been enforced in practice.

Prior to this change the Typelevel Code of Conduct was a fork of the Scala Code of Conduct. We, the Typelevel Steering Committee, are choosing the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct to fork because it has an accompanying enforcement policy, and there is associated training available. Some Typelevel Steering Committee members engaged in this training through Otter Technology in late 2023. All Code of Conduct Committee members will be encouraged to take this (or equivalent) training going forward.

We believe our community is already a kind and welcoming place. However, a Code of Conduct must be enforced to maintain community trust and safety. Additionally, an enforcement policy is useful to provide transparency and accountability on how the Code of Conduct Committee will work.

What happens next?

Now that the Code of Conduct and Enforcement Policy have been voted in by the Typelevel Steering Committee, we will begin updating the CODE_OF_CONDUCT files in organization project repositories.

As an affiliate project maintainer, what should I expect?

All affiliate projects are expected to adopt the Typelevel Code of Conduct. We will open pull requests to update each affiliate project’s CODE_OF_CONDUCT file. If there are any concerns, we are available for discussion and we encourage affiliate maintainers to please reach out. Ultimately, if a project chooses not to adopt the Typelevel Code of Conduct, maintainers can close the PR, and we’ll handle removing the project from the affiliate project list. This is totally fine and we support your choices! We believe open source developers are free to choose the projects they contribute to and the communities they support ♥

Can an affiliate project maintainer participate in Code of Conduct enforcement?

Affiliate project’s can list additional moderators in their CODE_OF_CONDUCT file, that the Typelevel Code of Conduct Committee will work with as described in the Enforcement Policy “Affiliate project processes” section. Additionally, if this work interests you, keep an eye out for future calls for Typelevel Code of Conduct Committee members!