package algebra

Linear Supertypes
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Type Members

  1. type Band[A] = cats.kernel.Band[A]
  2. type BoundedSemilattice[A] = cats.kernel.BoundedSemilattice[A]
  3. type CommutativeGroup[A] = cats.kernel.CommutativeGroup[A]
  4. type CommutativeMonoid[A] = cats.kernel.CommutativeMonoid[A]
  5. type CommutativeSemigroup[A] = cats.kernel.CommutativeSemigroup[A]
  6. type Eq[A] = cats.kernel.Eq[A]
  7. type Group[A] = cats.kernel.Group[A]
  8. type Monoid[A] = cats.kernel.Monoid[A]
  9. type Order[A] = cats.kernel.Order[A]
  10. type PartialOrder[A] = cats.kernel.PartialOrder[A]
  11. sealed trait Priority[+P, +F] extends AnyRef

    Priority is a type class for prioritized implicit search.

    Priority is a type class for prioritized implicit search.

    This type class will attempt to provide an implicit instance of P (the preferred type). If that type is not available it will fallback to F (the fallback type). If neither type is available then a Priority[P, F] instance will not be available.

    This type can be useful for problems where multiple algorithms can be used, depending on the type classes available.

  12. type Semigroup[A] = cats.kernel.Semigroup[A]
  13. type Semilattice[A] = cats.kernel.Semilattice[A]

Value Members

  1. val Band: cats.kernel.Band.type
  2. val BoundedSemilattice: cats.kernel.BoundedSemilattice.type
  3. val CommutativeGroup: cats.kernel.CommutativeGroup.type
  4. val CommutativeMonoid: cats.kernel.CommutativeMonoid.type
  5. val CommutativeSemigroup: cats.kernel.CommutativeSemigroup.type
  6. val Eq: cats.kernel.Eq.type
  7. val Group: cats.kernel.Group.type
  8. val Monoid: cats.kernel.Monoid.type
  9. val Order: cats.kernel.Order.type
  10. val PartialOrder: cats.kernel.PartialOrder.type
  11. val Semigroup: cats.kernel.Semigroup.type
  12. val Semilattice: cats.kernel.Semilattice.type
  13. object Priority extends FindPreferred

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