Assistance and Bursaries for the Typelevel Summits

by Dave Gurnell on Jan 14, 2016


Update: The summits are over, which means applying for assistance is not possible any longer.

As it says in our code of conduct, we are dedicated to creating a harrassment-free, inclusive community of developers. We want to extend this philosophy to the Typelevel Summits in Philadelphia and Oslo by providing assistance and bursaries to help speakers and attendees who would otherwise not be able to join us.

Bursaries for Speakers and Attendees

We are approaching sponsors and commercial partners to arrange bursaries for conference registration, travel and accommodation. Everyone is welcome to apply. However, note that we may not be able to provide funding in all cases.

Speaker Assistance: Help with Talk Proposals

Many people don’t submit talk proposals to conferences because they can’t think of something to say or don’t think their ideas are interesting.

We are offering feedback and suggestions on talk proposals to anyone who requests it. Hopefully we can help you turn a rough idea into a compelling abstract to submit alongside abstracts from other potential speakers.

Asking us for help won’t guarantee you a slot in the programme, but it will give you an idea for a talk that would compete against the other submissions.

If you have a good talk idea but for some reason it doesn’t make it into the conference, we will help you find another conference or meetup group for your first public speaking experience.

Speaker Assistance: Speaker Training

Many people are concerned or nervous about public speaking. We are offering free workshops to provide newer speakers with advice for tech speaking, whether your abstract is accepted or not.

Given the international nature of the Summits, we probably won’t be able to organise face-to-face workshops. We will deliver the workshops over Google Hangouts to reach as many attendees as possible.

Speaker Assistance: Help with Talk Writing

If your abstract is accepted to the conference, we are offering free mentoring services to provide advice and feedback as you turn your abstract into a talk.

We will assign a mentor to each participating speaker. Your mentor will be available to act as a sounding board as your talk develops from an outline to a fully formed presentation.

Sound Interesting?

If you are planning on attending or speaking in Philadelphia or Oslo, and you would like to apply for any of the services above, please please fill out the application form linked at the top of the page.