Keynote at the Philadelphia Summit

by Lars Hupel on Jan 20, 2016


While the CfP for the Philadelphia Summit is still open (have you submitted a proposal yet?), we can already announce our keynote speaker:

Stephanie Weirich is a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research centers on programming languages, type theory and machine-assisted reasoning. In particular, she studies generic programming, metaprogramming, dependent type systems, and type inference in the context of functional programming languages. She is currently an Editor of the Journal of Functional Programming and served as the program chair for ICFP in 2010 and the Haskell Symposium in 2009.

Stephanie will join the Summit on March 2nd to talk about Dependently-Typed Haskell. We hope this will give us an exciting opportunity to exchange knowledge between the Haskell and Scala communities.