package laws

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Type Members

  1. trait AsyncLaws[F[_]] extends GenTemporalLaws[F, Throwable] with SyncLaws[F]
  2. trait AsyncTests[F[_]] extends GenTemporalTests[F, Throwable] with SyncTests[F]
  3. trait ClockLaws[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  4. trait ClockTests[F[_]] extends Laws
  5. trait GenSpawnLaws[F[_], E] extends MonadCancelLaws[F, E] with UniqueLaws[F]
  6. trait GenSpawnTests[F[_], E] extends MonadCancelTests[F, E] with UniqueTests[F]
  7. trait GenTemporalLaws[F[_], E] extends GenSpawnLaws[F, E] with ClockLaws[F]
  8. trait GenTemporalTests[F[_], E] extends GenSpawnTests[F, E] with ClockTests[F]
  9. sealed trait IsEq[A] extends AnyRef
  10. implicit final class IsEqArrow[A] extends AnyVal
  11. trait MonadCancelLaws[F[_], E] extends MonadErrorLaws[F, E]
  12. trait MonadCancelTests[F[_], E] extends MonadErrorTests[F, E]
  13. trait SyncLaws[F[_]] extends MonadCancelLaws[F, Throwable] with ClockLaws[F] with UniqueLaws[F]
  14. trait SyncTests[F[_]] extends MonadCancelTests[F, Throwable] with ClockTests[F] with UniqueTests[F]
  15. final case class Tolerance[+A](value: A) extends Product with Serializable
  16. trait UniqueLaws[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  17. trait UniqueTests[F[_]] extends Laws

Value Members

  1. object AsyncLaws
  2. object AsyncTests
  3. object ClockLaws
  4. object ClockTests
  5. object GenSpawnLaws
  6. object GenSpawnTests
  7. object GenTemporalLaws
  8. object GenTemporalTests
  9. object IsEq extends IsEqLowPriorityImplicits
  10. object MonadCancelLaws
  11. object MonadCancelTests
  12. object SyncLaws
  13. object SyncTests
  14. object Tolerance extends Serializable
  15. object UniqueLaws
  16. object UniqueTests

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