This file summarizes notable changes for each release, but does not describe internal changes unless they are particularly exciting. This change log is ordered chronologically, so each release contains all changes described below it.

Unreleased Changes

New and Noteworthy for Version 2.0.0-RC1

  • Update Off Scala 2.13
  • Cats 2.0-RC1
  • Cats-Effect 2.0-RC1
  • Got off Catsuite
  • Drop 2.11 Support

New and Noteworthy for Version 1.0.0

Stable Release of unique. This library will maintain binary compatibility moving forward for the forseeable future.

  • #18 Scala 2.13 Integration


  • cats 1.6.0
  • cats-effect 1.2.0

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.1.1

Incorporate Useability Improvements

  • #3 Better toString for readability, and extends Serializable.
  • #2 Add MiMa for binary compatiblity checking.

New and Noteworthy for Version 0.1.0

Initial Release of unique. Create unique values that are equal only to the same effectfully created value. Scala.js project released as well. Fully law checked. cats-effect is the only dependency and this version is based off 1.0.0.