package evidence

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Type Members

  1. type <~<[-A, +B] = As[A, B]

    A convenient type alias for As, this declares that A is a subtype of B, and should be able to be a B is expected.

  2. type ===[A, B] = Is[A, B]

    A convenient type alias for Is, which declares that A is the same type as B.

  3. type >~>[+B, -A] = As[A, B]

    A flipped alias, for those used to their arrows running left to right

  4. sealed abstract class As[-A, +B] extends Serializable

    As substitutability: A better <:<

    As substitutability: A better <:<

    This class exists to aid in the capture proof of subtyping relationships, which can be applied in other context to widen other type

    A As B holds whenever A could be used in any negative context that expects a B. (e.g. if you could pass an A into any function that expects a B as input.)

    This code was ported directly from scalaz to cats using this version from scalaz:

    The original contribution to scalaz came from Jason Zaugg

  5. sealed abstract class AsInstances extends AnyRef
  6. abstract class Is[A, B] extends Serializable

    A value of A Is B is proof that the types A and B are the same.

    A value of A Is B is proof that the types A and B are the same. More powerfully, it asserts that they have the same meaning in all type contexts. This can be a more powerful assertion than A =:= B and is more easily used in manipulation of types while avoiding (potentially erroneous) coercions.

    A Is B is also known as Leibniz equality.

  7. sealed abstract class IsInstances extends AnyRef
  8. type Leibniz[A, B] = Is[A, B]

    This type level equality represented by Is is referred to as "Leibniz equality", and it had the name "Leibniz" in the scalaz

  9. type Liskov[-A, +B] = As[A, B]

    The property that a value of type A can be used in a context expecting a B if A <~< B is referred to as the "Liskov Substitution Principle", which is named for Barbara Liskov:

Value Members

  1. object As extends AsInstances with Serializable
  2. object Is extends IsInstances with Serializable

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