package instances

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Type Members

  1. trait AllInstances extends AnyValInstances with BigIntInstances with BigDecimalInstances with BitSetInstances with EitherInstances with EqInstances with EquivInstances with FunctionInstances with FutureInstances with HashInstances with InvariantMonoidalInstances with ListInstances with MapInstances with OptionInstances with OrderInstances with OrderingInstances with ParallelInstances with PartialOrderInstances with PartialOrderingInstances with QueueInstances with SetInstances with SortedMapInstances with SortedSetInstances with StreamInstances with StringInstances with SymbolInstances with TryInstances with TupleInstances with UUIDInstances with VectorInstances
  2. trait AllInstancesBinCompat0 extends FunctionInstancesBinCompat0 with Tuple2InstancesBinCompat0
  3. trait AllInstancesBinCompat1 extends OptionInstancesBinCompat0 with ListInstancesBinCompat0 with VectorInstancesBinCompat0 with StreamInstancesBinCompat0 with MapInstancesBinCompat0 with SortedMapInstancesBinCompat0
  4. trait AllInstancesBinCompat2 extends DurationInstances with FiniteDurationInstances
  5. trait AllInstancesBinCompat3 extends AllCoreDurationInstances
  6. trait AnyValInstances extends IntInstances with ByteInstances with CharInstances with LongInstances with ShortInstances with FloatInstances with DoubleInstances with BooleanInstances with UnitInstances with TupleInstances
  7. trait BigDecimalInstances extends kernel.instances.BigDecimalInstances
  8. trait BigIntInstances extends kernel.instances.BigIntInstances
  9. trait BitSetInstances extends kernel.instances.BitSetInstances
  10. trait BooleanInstances extends kernel.instances.BooleanInstances
  11. trait ByteInstances extends kernel.instances.ByteInstances
  12. trait CharInstances extends kernel.instances.CharInstances
  13. trait DoubleInstances extends kernel.instances.DoubleInstances
  14. trait DurationInstances extends kernel.instances.DurationInstances
  15. trait EitherInstances extends kernel.instances.EitherInstances
  16. trait EqInstances extends kernel.instances.EqInstances
  17. trait EquivInstances extends AnyRef
  18. trait FiniteDurationInstances extends kernel.instances.FiniteDurationInstances
  19. trait FloatInstances extends kernel.instances.FloatInstances
  20. trait FunctionInstances extends kernel.instances.FunctionInstances with Function0Instances with Function1Instances
  21. trait FunctionInstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef
  22. trait FutureInstances extends FutureInstances1
  23. trait HashInstances extends kernel.instances.HashInstances
  24. trait IntInstances extends kernel.instances.IntInstances
  25. trait InvariantMonoidalInstances extends AnyRef
  26. trait ListInstances extends kernel.instances.ListInstances
  27. trait ListInstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef
  28. trait LongInstances extends kernel.instances.LongInstances
  29. trait MapInstances extends kernel.instances.MapInstances
  30. trait MapInstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef
  31. trait OptionInstances extends kernel.instances.OptionInstances
  32. trait OptionInstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef
  33. trait OrderInstances extends kernel.instances.OrderInstances
  34. trait OrderingInstances extends AnyRef
  35. trait ParallelInstances extends ParallelInstances1
  36. trait PartialOrderInstances extends kernel.instances.PartialOrderInstances
  37. trait PartialOrderingInstances extends AnyRef
  38. trait QueueInstances extends kernel.instances.QueueInstances
  39. trait SetInstances extends kernel.instances.SetInstances
  40. trait ShortInstances extends kernel.instances.ShortInstances
  41. class SortedMapCommutativeMonoid[K, V] extends SortedMapMonoid[K, V] with CommutativeMonoid[SortedMap[K, V]]
  42. class SortedMapEq[K, V] extends kernel.Eq[SortedMap[K, V]]
  43. class SortedMapHash[K, V] extends SortedMapEq[K, V] with kernel.Hash[SortedMap[K, V]]
  44. trait SortedMapInstances extends SortedMapInstances2
  45. trait SortedMapInstances1 extends AnyRef
  46. trait SortedMapInstances2 extends SortedMapInstances1
  47. trait SortedMapInstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef
  48. class SortedMapMonoid[K, V] extends Monoid[SortedMap[K, V]]
  49. class SortedSetHash[A] extends kernel.Hash[SortedSet[A]]
  50. trait SortedSetInstances extends SortedSetInstances1
  51. trait SortedSetInstances1 extends AnyRef
  52. class SortedSetOrder[A] extends kernel.Order[SortedSet[A]]
  53. class SortedSetSemilattice[A] extends BoundedSemilattice[SortedSet[A]]
  54. trait StreamInstances extends kernel.instances.StreamInstances
  55. trait StreamInstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef
  56. trait StringInstances extends kernel.instances.StringInstances
  57. trait SymbolInstances extends kernel.instances.SymbolInstances
  58. trait TryInstances extends TryInstances1
  59. sealed trait Tuple2Instances extends Tuple2Instances1
  60. sealed trait Tuple2Instances1 extends Tuple2Instances2
  61. sealed trait Tuple2Instances2 extends Tuple2Instances3
  62. sealed trait Tuple2Instances3 extends Tuple2Instances4
  63. sealed trait Tuple2Instances4 extends AnyRef
  64. trait Tuple2InstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef
  65. trait TupleInstances extends Tuple2Instances with kernel.instances.TupleInstances
  66. trait UUIDInstances extends kernel.instances.UUIDInstances
  67. trait UnitInstances extends kernel.instances.UnitInstances
  68. trait VectorInstances extends kernel.instances.VectorInstances
  69. trait VectorInstancesBinCompat0 extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object all extends AllInstances with AllInstancesBinCompat0 with AllInstancesBinCompat1 with AllInstancesBinCompat2
  2. object bigDecimal extends BigDecimalInstances
  3. object bigInt extends BigIntInstances
  4. object bitSet extends BitSetInstances
  5. object boolean extends BooleanInstances
  6. object byte extends ByteInstances
  7. object char extends CharInstances
  8. object double extends DoubleInstances
  9. object duration extends CoreDurationInstances with DurationInstances
  10. object either extends EitherInstances
  11. object eq extends EqInstances
  12. object equiv extends EquivInstances
  13. object finiteDuration extends CoreFiniteDurationInstances with FiniteDurationInstances
  14. object float extends FloatInstances
  15. object function extends FunctionInstances with FunctionInstancesBinCompat0
  16. object future extends FutureInstances
  17. object int extends IntInstances
  18. object invariant extends InvariantMonoidalInstances
  19. object list extends ListInstances with ListInstancesBinCompat0
  20. object long extends LongInstances
  21. object map extends MapInstances with MapInstancesBinCompat0
  22. object option extends OptionInstances with OptionInstancesBinCompat0
  23. object order extends OrderInstances
  24. object ordering extends OrderingInstances
  25. object parallel extends ParallelInstances
  26. object partialOrder extends PartialOrderInstances
  27. object partialOrdering extends PartialOrderingInstances
  28. object queue extends QueueInstances
  29. object set extends SetInstances
  30. object short extends ShortInstances
  31. object sortedMap extends SortedMapInstances
  32. object sortedSet extends SortedSetInstances
  33. object stream extends StreamInstances with StreamInstancesBinCompat0
  34. object string extends StringInstances
  35. object try_ extends TryInstances
  36. object tuple extends TupleInstances with Tuple2InstancesBinCompat0
  37. object unit extends UnitInstances
  38. object uuid extends UUIDInstances
  39. object vector extends VectorInstances with VectorInstancesBinCompat0

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