package syntax

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Type Members

  1. trait AlignSyntax extends ToAlignOps
  2. trait AllSyntax extends AlternativeSyntax with AlignSyntax with ApplicativeSyntax with ApplicativeErrorSyntax with ApplySyntax with ArrowSyntax with ArrowChoiceSyntax with BifunctorSyntax with BifoldableSyntax with BitraverseSyntax with SemigroupalSyntax with CoflatMapSyntax with ComonadSyntax with ComposeSyntax with ContravariantSyntax with DistributiveSyntax with ContravariantMonoidalSyntax with ContravariantSemigroupalSyntax with EitherKSyntax with EitherSyntax with EqSyntax with FlatMapSyntax with FoldableSyntax with FunctorSyntax with GroupSyntax with HashSyntax with InvariantSyntax with IorSyntax with ListSyntax with MonadErrorSyntax with MonadSyntax with MonoidSyntax with OptionSyntax with OrderSyntax with ParallelSyntax with PartialOrderSyntax with ProfunctorSyntax with ReducibleSyntax with SemigroupSyntax with SemigroupKSyntax with ShowSyntax with StrongSyntax with TraverseSyntax with NonEmptyTraverseSyntax with ValidatedSyntax with VectorSyntax with WriterSyntax with ParallelFoldMapASyntax
  3. abstract class AllSyntaxBinCompat extends AllSyntax with AllSyntaxBinCompat0 with AllSyntaxBinCompat1 with AllSyntaxBinCompat2 with AllSyntaxBinCompat3 with AllSyntaxBinCompat4 with AllSyntaxBinCompat5 with AllSyntaxBinCompat6
  4. trait AllSyntaxBinCompat0 extends UnorderedTraverseSyntax with ApplicativeErrorExtension with TrySyntax
  5. trait AllSyntaxBinCompat1 extends FlatMapOptionSyntax with ChoiceSyntax with NestedSyntax with BinestedSyntax with ParallelFlatSyntax with SetSyntax with ValidatedExtensionSyntax with RepresentableSyntax
  6. trait AllSyntaxBinCompat2 extends ParallelTraverseSyntax with TraverseFilterSyntax with FunctorFilterSyntax with EitherSyntaxBinCompat0 with ListSyntaxBinCompat0 with ValidatedSyntaxBincompat0
  7. trait AllSyntaxBinCompat3 extends UnorderedFoldableSyntax with Function1Syntax
  8. trait AllSyntaxBinCompat4 extends TraverseFilterSyntaxBinCompat0 with ApplySyntaxBinCompat0 with ParallelApplySyntax with FoldableSyntaxBinCompat0 with ReducibleSyntaxBinCompat0 with FoldableSyntaxBinCompat1 with BitraverseSyntaxBinCompat0
  9. trait AllSyntaxBinCompat5 extends ParallelBitraverseSyntax
  10. trait AllSyntaxBinCompat6 extends ParallelUnorderedTraverseSyntax
  11. trait AlternativeSyntax extends AnyRef
  12. final class ApplicativeErrorIdOps[E] extends AnyVal
  13. final class ApplicativeErrorOps[F[_], E, A] extends AnyVal
  14. trait ApplicativeErrorSyntax extends AnyRef
  15. final class ApplicativeIdOps[A] extends AnyVal
  16. final class ApplicativeOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  17. trait ApplicativeSyntax extends AnyRef
  18. final class ApplyOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  19. trait ApplySyntax extends TupleSemigroupalSyntax
  20. trait ArrowChoiceSyntax extends ToArrowChoiceOps
  21. trait ArrowSyntax extends ToArrowOps
  22. trait BifoldableSyntax extends ToBifoldableOps
  23. trait BifunctorSyntax extends ToBifunctorOps
  24. final class BinestedIdOps[F[_, _], G[_], H[_], A, B] extends AnyVal
  25. trait BinestedSyntax extends AnyRef
  26. final class BitraverseOps[F[_, _], A, B] extends AnyVal
  27. trait BitraverseSyntax extends BitraverseSyntax1
  28. trait ChoiceSyntax extends ToChoiceOps
  29. trait CoflatMapSyntax extends ToCoflatMapOps
  30. trait ComonadSyntax extends ToComonadOps
  31. trait ComposeSyntax extends ToComposeOps
  32. abstract class ContravariantMonoidalOps[F[_], A] extends Ops[F, A]
  33. trait ContravariantMonoidalSyntax extends AnyRef
  34. trait ContravariantSemigroupalSyntax extends TupleSemigroupalSyntax
  35. trait ContravariantSyntax extends ToContravariantOps
  36. final class DistributiveOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  37. trait DistributiveSyntax extends ToDistributiveOps
  38. final class EitherIdOps[A] extends AnyVal
  39. final class EitherKOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  40. trait EitherKSyntax extends AnyRef
  41. final class EitherObjectOps extends AnyVal
  42. final class EitherOps[A, B] extends AnyVal
  43. trait EitherSyntax extends AnyRef
  44. final class EqOps[A] extends AnyRef
  45. trait EqSyntax extends AnyRef
  46. final class FlatMapIdOps[A] extends AnyVal
  47. final class FlatMapOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  48. final class FlatMapOptionOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  49. trait FlatMapOptionSyntax extends AnyRef
  50. trait FlatMapSyntax extends ToFlatMapOps
  51. final class FlattenOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  52. final class FoldableOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  53. final class FoldableOps0[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  54. trait FoldableSyntax extends ToFoldableOps with ToUnorderedFoldableOps
  55. trait Function1Syntax extends AnyRef
  56. trait FunctorFilterSyntax extends ToFunctorFilterOps
  57. trait FunctorSyntax extends ToFunctorOps
  58. final class GroupOps[A] extends AnyRef
  59. trait GroupSyntax extends SemigroupSyntax
  60. final class GuardOps extends AnyVal
  61. final class HashOps[A] extends AnyRef
  62. trait HashSyntax extends AnyRef
  63. final class IfApplyOps[F[_]] extends AnyVal
  64. final class IfMOps[F[_]] extends AnyVal
  65. final class IndexOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  66. trait InvariantSyntax extends ToInvariantOps
  67. final class IorIdOps[A] extends AnyVal
  68. trait IorSyntax extends AnyRef
  69. final class LeftNestedBitraverseOps[F[_, _], G[_], A, B] extends AnyVal
  70. final class LeftOps[A, B] extends AnyVal
  71. final class ListOps[A] extends AnyVal
  72. trait ListSyntax extends AnyRef
  73. final class MonadErrorOps[F[_], E, A] extends AnyVal
  74. final class MonadErrorRethrowOps[F[_], E, A] extends AnyVal
  75. trait MonadErrorSyntax extends AnyRef
  76. final class MonadIdOps[A] extends AnyVal
  77. final class MonadOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  78. trait MonadSyntax extends AnyRef
  79. final class MonoidOps[A] extends AnyVal
  80. trait MonoidSyntax extends SemigroupSyntax
  81. final class NestedBitraverseOps[F[_, _], G[_], A, B] extends AnyVal
  82. final class NestedFoldableOps[F[_], G[_], A] extends AnyVal
  83. final class NestedIdOps[F[_], G[_], A] extends AnyVal
  84. final class NestedReducibleOps[F[_], G[_], A] extends AnyVal
  85. trait NestedSyntax extends AnyRef
  86. trait NonEmptyTraverseSyntax extends ToNonEmptyTraverseOps
  87. final class OptionIdOps[A] extends AnyVal
  88. final class OptionOps[A] extends AnyVal
  89. trait OptionSyntax extends AnyRef
  90. final class OrderOps[A] extends AnyRef
  91. trait OrderSyntax extends PartialOrderSyntax
  92. final class ParallelApOps[M[_], A] extends AnyVal
  93. final class ParallelApplyOps[M[_], A, B] extends AnyVal
  94. trait ParallelApplySyntax extends AnyRef
  95. final class ParallelBisequenceOps[T[_, _], M[_], A, B] extends AnyVal
  96. final class ParallelBitraverseOps[T[_, _], A, B] extends AnyVal
  97. trait ParallelBitraverseSyntax extends AnyRef
  98. final class ParallelFlatSequenceOps[T[_], M[_], A] extends AnyVal
  99. trait ParallelFlatSyntax extends AnyRef
  100. final class ParallelFlatTraversableOps[T[_], A] extends AnyVal
  101. final class ParallelFoldMapAOps[T[_], A] extends AnyVal
  102. trait ParallelFoldMapASyntax extends AnyRef
  103. final class ParallelLeftSequenceOps[T[_, _], M[_], A, B] extends AnyVal
  104. final class ParallelLeftTraverseOps[T[_, _], A, B] extends AnyVal
  105. final class ParallelSequenceOps[T[_], M[_], A] extends AnyVal
  106. final class ParallelSequence_Ops[T[_], M[_], A] extends AnyVal
  107. trait ParallelSyntax extends TupleParallelSyntax
  108. final class ParallelTraversableOps[T[_], A] extends AnyVal
  109. final class ParallelTraversable_Ops[T[_], A] extends AnyVal
  110. trait ParallelTraverseSyntax extends AnyRef
  111. final class ParallelUnorderedFlatSequenceOps[T[_], M[_], A] extends AnyVal
  112. final class ParallelUnorderedSequenceOps[T[_], M[_], A] extends AnyVal
  113. final class ParallelUnorderedTraverseOps[T[_], A] extends AnyVal
  114. trait ParallelUnorderedTraverseSyntax extends AnyRef
  115. final class PartialOrderOps[A] extends AnyRef
  116. trait PartialOrderSyntax extends EqSyntax
  117. trait ProfunctorSyntax extends ToProfunctorOps
  118. final class ReducibleOps0[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  119. trait ReducibleSyntax extends ToReducibleOps
  120. trait RepresentableSyntax extends AnyRef
  121. final class RightOps[A, B] extends AnyVal
  122. trait SemigroupKSyntax extends ToSemigroupKOps
  123. final class SemigroupOps[A] extends AnyRef
  124. trait SemigroupSyntax extends AnyRef
  125. abstract class SemigroupalOps[F[_], A] extends Ops[F, A]
  126. trait SemigroupalSyntax extends AnyRef
  127. final class SeparateOps[F[_], G[_, _], A, B] extends AnyVal
  128. final class SequenceFilterOps[F[_], G[_], A] extends AnyVal
  129. final class SetOps[A] extends AnyVal
  130. trait SetSyntax extends AnyRef
  131. trait ShowSyntax extends ToShowOps
  132. trait StrongSyntax extends ToStrongOps
  133. final class TabulateOps[A, R] extends AnyVal
  134. trait TraverseFilterSyntax extends ToTraverseFilterOps
  135. trait TraverseSyntax extends ToTraverseOps
  136. final class TryOps[A] extends AnyVal
  137. trait TrySyntax extends AnyRef
  138. trait TupleParallelSyntax extends AnyRef
  139. trait TupleSemigroupalSyntax extends AnyRef
  140. final class UniteOps[F[_], G[_], A] extends AnyVal
  141. final class UnorderedFoldableOps[F[_], A] extends AnyVal
  142. trait UnorderedFoldableSyntax extends ToUnorderedFoldableOps
  143. trait UnorderedTraverseSyntax extends ToUnorderedTraverseOps
  144. final class ValidatedExtension[E, A] extends AnyVal
  145. trait ValidatedExtensionSyntax extends AnyRef
  146. final class ValidatedIdSyntax[A] extends AnyVal
  147. trait ValidatedSyntax extends AnyRef
  148. final class VectorOps[A] extends AnyVal
  149. trait VectorSyntax extends AnyRef
  150. final class WriterIdSyntax[A] extends AnyVal
  151. trait WriterSyntax extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object EitherSyntax
  2. object OptionOps
  3. object align extends AlignSyntax
  4. object all extends AllSyntaxBinCompat
  5. object alternative extends AlternativeSyntax
  6. object applicative extends ApplicativeSyntax
  7. object applicativeError extends ApplicativeErrorSyntax
  8. object apply extends ApplySyntax
  9. object arrow extends ArrowSyntax
  10. object arrowChoice extends ArrowChoiceSyntax
  11. object bifoldable extends BifoldableSyntax
  12. object bifunctor extends BifunctorSyntax
  13. object binested extends BinestedSyntax
  14. object bitraverse extends BitraverseSyntax with BitraverseSyntaxBinCompat0
  15. object choice extends ChoiceSyntax
  16. object coflatMap extends CoflatMapSyntax
  17. object comonad extends ComonadSyntax
  18. object compose extends ComposeSyntax
  19. object contravariant extends ContravariantSyntax
  20. object contravariantMonoidal extends ContravariantMonoidalSyntax
  21. object contravariantSemigroupal extends ContravariantSemigroupalSyntax
  22. object distributive extends DistributiveSyntax
  23. object either extends EitherSyntax with EitherSyntaxBinCompat0
  24. object eitherK extends EitherKSyntax
  25. object eq extends EqSyntax
  26. object flatMap extends FlatMapSyntax
  27. object foldable extends FoldableSyntax with FoldableSyntaxBinCompat0 with FoldableSyntaxBinCompat1
  28. object functor extends FunctorSyntax
  29. object functorFilter extends FunctorFilterSyntax
  30. object group extends GroupSyntax
  31. object invariant extends InvariantSyntax
  32. object ior extends IorSyntax
  33. object list extends ListSyntax with ListSyntaxBinCompat0
  34. object monad extends MonadSyntax
  35. object monadError extends MonadErrorSyntax
  36. object monoid extends MonoidSyntax
  37. object nested extends NestedSyntax
  38. object nonEmptyTraverse extends NonEmptyTraverseSyntax
  39. object option extends OptionSyntax
  40. object order extends OrderSyntax
  41. object parallel extends ParallelSyntax with ParallelTraverseSyntax with ParallelFlatSyntax with ParallelApplySyntax with ParallelBitraverseSyntax with ParallelUnorderedTraverseSyntax with ParallelFoldMapASyntax
  42. object partialOrder extends PartialOrderSyntax
  43. object profunctor extends ProfunctorSyntax
  44. object reducible extends ReducibleSyntax with ReducibleSyntaxBinCompat0
  45. object representable extends RepresentableSyntax
  46. object semigroup extends SemigroupSyntax
  47. object semigroupal extends SemigroupalSyntax
  48. object semigroupk extends SemigroupKSyntax
  49. object set extends SetSyntax
  50. object show extends ShowSyntax
  51. object strong extends StrongSyntax
  52. object traverse extends TraverseSyntax
  53. object traverseFilter extends TraverseFilterSyntax with TraverseFilterSyntaxBinCompat0
  54. object try_ extends TrySyntax
  55. object unorderedFoldable extends UnorderedFoldableSyntax
  56. object unorderedTraverse extends UnorderedTraverseSyntax
  57. object validated extends ValidatedSyntax with ValidatedExtensionSyntax with ValidatedSyntaxBincompat0
  58. object vector extends VectorSyntax
  59. object writer extends WriterSyntax

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